The Rev. Dr. Dennis Falasco
Interim Pastor
      Office Hours:
      Tuesday & Thursday 8 am - 3 pm


Light of the World

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We seek to reflect the gospel of Jesus Christ through service and love.

News Updates and Calendar

Health Policy:

Please know that session is working diligently to provide you with a safe space to worship and enjoy the service. 

We encourage masks to be worn during church. We also suggest that if you are not feeling well or are uncomfortable, please stay at home and enjoy our online service.

Contact Ruling Elder Philip Jones through the church office with any concers you may have.


Youth Club meets each Saturday 5:30 - 7 pm
Youth Club News Link

Congregational Meeting
Jananuary 30 (following worship)


Sunday, January 23, 2022

Sunday Schoolfor all ages: 9:45 am

Current adult class: history of commonly-sung hymns.
Children/youth: age-appropriate Christian Education topics.

Worship: 11 am
  In-person or Virtual
Click here to ownload the Order of Service, including the lyrics of the hymns and responses to be sung.

The livestream will begin at about 10:50 am.

The recorded service will also be available via
 Facebook Live 
 and       Church YouTube Channel

Youth Club News
Youth Club Meets Each Saturday 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm at the church

There will be food, games, talks, laughing, crying (bc we’re laughing so hard), basically an all around good time! We hope you’ll join us! All Jr. High, Sr. High, and college age kids are welcome!

Have You Heard About Youth Club?

More About Youth Club

(1) By Mail

If you prefer, you may mail donations to the church P.O. box. The address is First Presbyterian Church, P.O. Box 39, Huntsville TN 37756. The information below will assist those who find online giving more convenient.

(2) By Automatic Deductions through First National Bank of Oneida

If you bank with the First National Bank of Oneida, you may arrange for automatic deductions through their "Bill Pay" program.

(3) Our Online Giving Program, with multiple options, using Vanco

Vanco, via the
Presbyterian Foundation

FPCH Donation Link

 Please scroll to read the entire article.
Since we cannot all meet in person, we have been working hard to provide you with new ways to interact with the church. Therefore, for your convenience , First Presbyterian Church - Huntsville, TN has now established an online giving program in partnership with the Presbyterian Foundation.

Using the information provided in the next two columns, or HERE on your mobile device, you can donate to us without being present at a worship service. Your gift will be immediately available to the church for use in its General Fund which will support all of our ongoing ministries. You will receive an automatic acknowledgement email from the Foundation as well as a year-end gift summary for tax reporting.

Thank you for your gifts!

Two "How-To Brochures

Vanco (Give+ Church)   is the agency that handles donations for churches working through the Presbyterian Foundation.

1. FAQs Everything you might wonder about online giving to your church.

2. How It Works:  The "how to do it" tutorial!

If you'd like to use  an app on your Smart Phone, that information is in the next column's video HERE.

Mobile App Giving

Vanco (Give+ Church)   is the agency that handles donations for churches working through the Presbyterian Foundation. The video explains how to find the app for your platform and how to set it up specifically for our church.

How To Give with Vanco Mobile from Vanco on Vimeo.

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Weekday Office Hours
Tuesdays and Thursdays: 8 am - 3 pm

Prayer Requests

You may phone the church office [(423) 663-3456]  and leave a message if no one is in the office to take your call, or contact by e-mail.

Online Donations

Your gifts to this church are most appreciated. Full details as to how this program operates, including a link to the secure site where you may contribute to the work of our church is HERE.

If you prefer, gifts are welcomed via mail to our post office box:
First Presbyterian Church of Huntsville
Box 39, Huntsville TN 37756

Previous Church  Events, Worship Videos & Photos
There three "Look Back" pages:
Memorial Services
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Church Staff
      The Rev. Dr. Dennis Falasco, Interim Pastor
      Michelle Massengale, Administrative Assistant /Custodian
      Cole Hunt, Choir Director
      Beth Furrer, Pianist
Jason Falasco, Youth Director

Officers of the Session
      Liz Fancher, Clerk of Session
      Don Stansberry III, Treasurer
      Lori Phillips-Jones, Recording Treasurer

Church School
      Angela Morrow, Superintendent       

Members of the Session (Elders)

  Class of 2022:
          Michelle Ayers, Church/Family Activities
          Angela Morrow, Christian Education
        VeRhonda Hembree, Missions

      Class of 2023
          Mark Blakely
          Mike Douglas
          Phillip Jones

Class of 2024:
          Lee Ann Knudson, Congregational Care
          Tracey Stansberry, Personnel
          Alice Golade, Finance

Trustees of the Mossop Memorial Cemetery
          Mike Douglas, Class of 2023
          John Seale
          Jim Morrow

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First Presbyterian Church of Huntsville TN

First Presbyterian Church of Huntsville is about 55 miles from Knoxville and 10 miles from Oneida.


185 Woodland Place
P.O. Box 39
Huntsville TN 37756

Telephone: 423.663.3456

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