We seek to reflect the gospel of Jesus Christ through service and love.


The Sunday morning worship serviee for March 29 is now available via Facebook and You Tube. The order of service bulletin, with a copy of a paper palm to be used during next week's Palm Sunday service, is HERE.

Adult Sunday School via Zoom

Next Time: Sunday, April 5, 9:30 am EST
How: Please contact the church for linking information to our Zoom account.
Rigby: Holding FaithWhat: Currently we are studying from Cynthia Rigby's book, Holding Faith.  It would be helpful to have a copy of the book, either a hard copy or e-book; suggestions are:
• Copies outside the church office door
• Local bookstore.
ISBN: 978-1630885847
• e-book Kindle/Hard copy (Amazon)
e-book Apple iBook

Video: Class information

March 29  Worship

facebook and youtubeTime: 11 am EST
How: View the video below oFacebook Live 0r You Tube. If you link from our FB page; use  First Presbyterian Church Huntsville-Tennessee

Download Order of Service (PDF)
(Includes a palm image for next Sunday, or you can download just the palm.)

March 29 Worship

A Visit with Pastor Devon

Saturday, March 28:
Social-distancing on the patio

Bonus: Welcome to My Jungle


For Families and Children

Helping everyone to stay connected, encouraged and inspired via videos and photographs

Stories with Angela Morrow

A folk story from Scotland

Piano Music with Tamia Bible

Hymn: Amazing Grace

"Pastor in Pajamas"

#1; March 21, 2020

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A Moment of Peace through Music

Music by the late Bert Walker

Quick Look:
Church Sidewalk Chalk Fun

  • You Are Loved

    An important message!

  • Box of sidewalk chalk

    The chalk is waiting for you!

  • child's sidewalk art

    Thank you, J, for brightening our sidewalk!

Origami and Coloring for Fun

A Gift from the Presbyterian Book Store and  FlyAway Books
PCUSA bookstore

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Bulletin Board

Other Resources and Information
We are keeping in touch virtually!

Prayer Requests

The pastor would be happy to speak with you concerning any prayer requests that you have, whether privately or to be shared with the congregation. You may phone the church office ((423) 663-3456) or contact by e-mail.

Prayer Request Form Word, e-mail

Online Donations

Your gifts to this church are most appreciated. We will have a secure online donation plan in place very soon. Meanwhile, gifts are welcomed via mail to our post office box:
First Presbyterian Church of Huntsville
Box 39, Huntsville TN 37756

Presbytery of East Tennessee NEWS

    facebookThe church's Facebook page is your best option for current church news! You'll find photos, daily (usually) video communication from Pastor Devon Reynolds, and links to upcoming online events.

These activities are on hiatus at this time;

• Sunday School for children, youth and teens
(A children's message time is a part of the live-streamed Sunday worship.)

• Choir rehearsals

•  The Fellowship Hall is unable to accept reservations for community events, Please contact the church office if there are concerns.

• Women's Bible Study (watch for online resumption soon via Zoom; coming soon.)

Church Leadership and Staff


Class of 2019
Michelle Ayers
(Church/Family Activities)
Dan Byrge
(Congregational Care)
Phillip Jones (Property)

Class of 2020
Henry Durant (Christian Ed)
Dorothy Phillips (Worship)
John Seale (Stewardship/Finance)

Class of 2021
Melissa Fancher (Missions)
VeRhonda Hembree (Fellowship)
Don Stansberry, Jr. (Personnel)



Clerk: Melissa Francher
Treasurer: Kim Hammock
Recording Treasurer: Mike Douglas
Accounting Advisor: Tamia Bible

Church School Superintendent

VeRhonda Hembree

Mossop Memorial Cemetery Trustees
Class of 2019: Mike Douglas
Class of 2020: Jim Morrow
Class of 2021: John Seale


The Rev. Devon M. Reynolds

Administrative Assistant:
Michelle Massengale

Choir Director:
Cole Hunt

Beth Furrer

Michelle Massengale

Our Community

Community information is believed accurate but can change without notice, as these venues have no formal relationship to the church. Due to the closure of many business, community, ad government buildings during the COVID-19 emergency, please call to make sure your intended location will be open.

Huntsville's Usual Library Hours

Library E-mailTelephone: 423.663.9320
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 12 pm to 5 pm
Tuesday: 10 am to 2 pm
Wednesday: 12 pm to 5 pm
Thursday: 9 am to 1 pm
Friday: 12:30 pm to 5:30 pm
Saturday: 9 am to 1 pm

Schools Information
(Closed at this time)

Huntsville Elementary (423.663.2520) Website
Huntsville Middle School (423.663.2192) Website
Scott High School (423.663.2801) Website

Weather Information

Click for Huntsville, Tennessee Forecast




Scott County TN CC

Scott County Chamber of Commerce

Tennessee Government: Local Information

Scott County Information  


Regional News

When available


Contact First Presbyterian Church of Huntsville TN

First Presbyterian Church of Huntsville is about 55 miles from Knoxville and 10 miles from Oneida.

185 Woodland Place
P.O. Box 39
Huntsville TN 37756

Telephone: 423.663.3456

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